This page is being read by a few people right now, so here’s some info in the interests of disclosure.

I grew up in Sydney.

I live in the USA.

I studied South Asian Studies at ANU.

I spend most of my life travelling.

I’ve been a member of the Greens for a year or two but haven’t attended any meetings.

I quite like Australia, and would like to live there again one day. Thus I really hope Tony Abbott doesn’t become PM.

There you go. Run along now.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Eddie!
    Long time no see (or hear)!
    Cool website you have here. What’s up with you?
    I saw you moved to Richmond. Long term or short?
    Chalo, back to work I go. Write back!

    1. Hi Nikhil! Thanks for the comment! I am here in Richmond for a few more months, then plan to head back to Australia and see how things are getting on. Hope to see you in India or somewhere else before too long!

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