Edrasia (aka Edrique Engraceas)

Hello world! It has been a long time since we have seen each other across the interwebs.

Apologies for the terrible title(s). They were the best entrants in our 30 second brainstorm to come up with a suitable pun to function as shorthand for our trip across Asia, Europe, and Asia again. Thankfully I don’t have instagram, so few people will be subjected to them.

Grace and I have set off on a long adventure. The itinerary broadly looks like this:

1. Western China (Xinjiang)
2. Central Asia (‘the Stans’)
3. Russia (the world cup)
4. Europe
5. South Asia
6. home?

This is going to take us about nine months. There may be a standalone blog but it will have to be set up. This is not terribly easy to do from behind the great firewall.

We are currently in Turpan, China, a city which is 75% Uighur and appears to be about 25% police. The noodles are delicious, and the heat is almost as stifling as the super-Orwellian convenience police stations.

Some more thoughts on where we have been and what we have seen so far will hopefully follow. I may refrain from posting this article until we leave China.

I have now posted this article. We have left China. We have some catching up to do. The standalone blog will be with you shortly.