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Kevin Rudd went on Q and A on Monday night, ostensibly to debate Tony Abbott, who wasn’t there. No-one really expected him to be there, because Tony Abbott realised a few years ago that he looks more stupid when he’s talking than when he’s on his bike or in his budgie smugglers. Which is saying something.

Anyway, Kevin Rudd’s response to one of the questions on Q and A has “gone viral”, according to the ABC. It wasn’t Obama in full flight but it was a good response to an increasingly outdated view, and you can watch it here. It’s the most watched Kevin Rudd video on Youtube.

Last year, of course, Julia Gillard’s attack on the “misogynist” Abbott also went viral. It was praised around the world and pilloried in Australia, which should hardly be surprising. It has far more views and likes and comments on Youtube than any other piece of Australian political anything. It’s right from the heart, mostly off the cuff, and very impressive.

So, I wondered, just how many Youtube results do you have to trawl through before you find Tony saying something impressive.

You have to go down a long way.

Past Tony being called out by Leigh Sales.

Past the bloke who called Tony a dickhead in a shop one day.

Past the time Tony stared weirdly and threateningly at a reporter who asked him a question. For ages.

Past the time Craig Reucassel pointed out that Tony didn’t understand the first thing about debt.

Past a whole series of GetUp ads that do nothing more than put Tony’s words into the mouths of ordinary Australians.

Past Paul Keating’s views on Tony.

Past Kerry O’Brien trying to work out when Tony is to be listened to and when he isn’t.

Past the time he hit on the apprentice at the factory he was visiting.

Past Keating again.

At this point – towards the end of the second page of results at just over 70 000 views – I thought there might finally have been a video of Abbott saying something intelligent, as I came across something titled “Tony Abbott Grand Slam”.

But it turned out to be former Liberal PM Malcolm Fraser’s turn to put the boot in.

So we continue, past Tony walking away from questions at his own press conferences.

Past Tony being kicked out of parliament.

Past Independent MP Tony Windsor’s views on Tony.

Past Tony trying to run out of parliament.

And so on, until eventually, at the bottom of the third page of Youtube hits, with just over 30 000 views, we get something promising to be “a classy, fiery display of modern political oratory.” Watch it and weep, Australia.

(By the way, I’m following Tony’s precedent here, and as far as I’m concerned he has neither a title nor a surname.)

(And also, if you’d rather not click on all those links you can sit back and relax with Tony Abbott the Movie instead.)

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