Here we go again!

Hi everyone.

Every now and then I make a blog, and write in it for a while, and a few people read it, and then at some point I stop, and then at some point my hosting runs out and I lose it.

Well, it’s time to do that again. So here’s another blog, which I’m hoping might not die so soon, for the following reasons:

  • It’s at, which is a domain name I probably want to hang onto for a while (though I pay for it and my hosting in USD so it gets a little more expensive by the day)
  • I am living overseas, so it is not a bad way to keep in touch
  • I am not putting any pressure on myself to blog with any particular level of quality, quantity or intelligence
  • I have become a fan of people who have a personal blog that they just update whenever they feel like it, because they can, and it’s there

So let’s see what happens.

Oh, by the way, thanks to the select group of special (bored?) people who tell me every time I see them that they liked my blogs and read them and could I please make another one so they can see what I’m doing. I guess this one’s for you.